12247986_896523243735499_1686818278858907259_o[Interview of Rafal Wolf] Congratulations on the win against MKS Dabrowa Górnicza and MVP title for you. First step towards the final of ORLEN Liga is done. You managed to beat Dabrowa 3:0 however there the level of the match still did not reveal the full potential of Chemik Police?

Thank you very much for the congratulations. Indeed, there is still room for improvement but at the moment we are focused as a team on a victory and we managed to achieve our goal without losing any set. This success will support us mentally during further matches against Dabrowa but I am glad we are back on track with our game and it is confirmed by the final result.

Your opponent had a great opening, leading by six points in the first set. Thanks to your experience and mental condition, you managed to take over the initiative in the whole match. Was it crucial for winning this match?

I think this is a good conclusion. It is highly important to prove your game quality particularly in the matches against strong opponents and of a highest relevance. This match gave us a huge advantage on the way to the ORLEN Liga final. Taking into consideration some of the surprising final results in the previous matches in our league, there is no place for being unbeaten and every single team did experience a bitter loss throughout the league. Therefore, I am sure we need to do our best to prove our game quality in single matches to be happy about the final result.

12239400_896525657068591_8624643354145727432_oNext challenge for you will be the qualification to the final four of the Polish cup. Did it surprise you that other strong team like Impel Wroclaw and Dabrowa Gornicza had not managed to succeed in the quarterfinals?

As mentioned before we need to respect every single opponent on our way. However, I am quite surprised by the results of the quarterfinals. None of our rivals is going to give up quickly and to be honest I expect more resistance in these matches. We need to reach our maximum level to make sure we can celebrate at the end of the tournament. The cup tournament itself is a little different comparing to league and the example of the team MKS Muszynianka that won against Impel Wroclaw is another evidence for it. The showed better volleyball and were probably in the better shape than opponents on that day.

This weekend all Serie A fans will be following the final four for Italian cup in Ravenna. Which team is likely to win this cup in your opinion?

I will be supporting obviously team from Montichiari and my Polish mates Berenika Tomsia and Dominika Sobolska. Apparently there is another benefit of our win 3:0 against Dabrowa because I am able to follow the semifinals. I will definetely do it. All the teams should appreciate they do not need to compete against strong team from Conegliano. The same rule applies for Italian cup as for the Polish one. Your mental and sport shape on that day might be a key factor for success.  So it is difficult to foresee anything.

Moving into a much lighter topic. The special Easter time is approaching quickly. Are you going to have some rest and what are your plans to celebrate this traditional time in Poland?

My team has few days off and I will stay in Szczecin. Fortunately, my brother plays here as well and we will host our family during Easter days. It is basically the same scenario like one year before when I played the final four tournament with team of Busto Arsizio in Poland. Our celebration is very traditional. My mother and sister in law will support me in preparing all the traditional Easter dishes in Poland and one of my spectacular dishes are unfortunately boiled eggs only (smiling). Family support is strongly needed to avoid spending all my days off around the kitchen I do not have time for. Polish Easter is a tradition I love, especially delicious white sausage and ?urek (sour soup). I have been waiting for it whole year. Happy Easter!